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It is our intent at Fossdene to recognise the importance of science within the Primary National Curriculum and to convey to the children that it is part of everyday life and all around us. We believe that Science should be informative, exciting and accessible to all levels and abilities through a series of well planned activities and high quality teaching. Science should be hands on and tap into the natural curiosity of children. Our key principles are:


Science is recognised as a core subject

We show through events such as Science Week that there are so many opportunities that science can bring.

Children ask questions and plan their own enquiries

We believe that as the children’s learning progresses, so should their ability to extend their independence in working scientifically and developing their own ways of recording science.


Science lessons inspire awe and wonder, in and out of the classroom

There is nothing better than hearing the children shout ‘Yes!’ when they know there is a science lesson on the timetable for that day, whether it’s indoors or out.


Science is an opportunity for wider learning

As well as learning about science itself, we strongly believe in the opportunity to make science link with other subjects such as writing and maths. It is at the heart of so much learning and so much creativity.

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EYFS Science

National Curriculum Science KS1 and KS2