Fossdene Primary


At Fossdene Primary School we use Real PE to deliver our PE curriculum. This is taught for 2 hours every week. This scheme gives every child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills that are required to achieve in PE, sport and life. It is in line with the National Curriculum requirements while focusing on agility, balance, coordination, competition and teamwork. It is broken down into six different units. Along with a physical skill, each unit focuses on a particular cog: physical, creativity, cognitive, social, personal and health and fitness. These are essential skills that every child requires to be successful in PE, across the curriculum and in life. Therefore, developing the whole child rather than one area of a child’s learning. In KS2, the children are taught traditional sports alongside Real PE to provide them with the knowledge and skills of these sports ready for their transition into secondary school.

We also are part of the Greenwich School Sporting Partnership which offers the children opportunities to try a wide range of sports and participate in competitions with other schools.  in 2019-2020, the children have been to a swimming gala, skipping workshops, basketball competitions, karate workshops and more. Post-Covid, Fossdene was in a football league where we had a girls and boys team participating in weekly matches. This is something that will hopefully be brought back in September 2021. 

Another partnership we have is with Travel to Tokyo, Get Set Education. From this partnership we have had athletes come into school to deliver whole school assemblies, question and answer sessions and workshops. We have also been to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium to see Jamie Ramsey off on his next adventure after having a photoshoot with him and some activities. 

Finally, Fossdene is becoming an active school. Children have regular physical brain breaks throughout the day and have the opportunity to engage in active teaching across the curriculum. As a school, we understand the importance of physical activity and the benefits it has to a child’s physical and mental health which is why we continue to give as many opportunities as possible to the child. 

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